What is rug cleaning?

Rug cleaning is the process of removing soil, stains and allergens from your rug. Like every other upholstery in your house, rug needs special care and attention. Rug cleaning is very important so as to keep your home clean and save from germs and others. Simply vacuuming it with DIY effort cannot be effective as allowing professional rug cleaning service to help you out because if rugs are not professionally cleaned well, they are prone to tear and wears.

Since rug in the home collect most soil and dirt that makes them prone to wear and tear. Therefore, it necessary to clean your rug regularly so as to extend its live as well as keep it clean and make it free from dust, stain, allergen, bacteria, and other substance that are harmful. Here are some reasons why you should have your rug clean regularly.

Why you need rug cleaning?

One of the greatest benefits of having your rug clean by professional is that it helps to prolong the longevity of your rug. You know when rug fabric collect dust, dirt, allergens, germs and other debris, these accumulated stuffs can makes the rug fabric to start to deteriorate and split as result reduces its longevity.

Usually, pollutants like dust, pesticides, dirt, spores, and mold can be trapped into your rugs, and when they does, it is very easy for them to get into the air thus affect the air quality in your home. However, when these pollutants reduce the quality of air in your rooms, it results to health issues such as respiratory disorder among the family concerned.

Rugs can become breeding grounds for molds, bacteria, mites, germs. Rug fabrics are so thick that when fluid such as water accidentally spilt on them, it become wet and takes much time to dry. During the drying process, the moist collected create a suitable environment for the growth of bacteria and other. And when bacteria get into your rug, is not something good.

Cleaning of rug when done by professional rug cleaning service, they make use of different solutions, equipments and methods such as hot water extraction and others to help eliminate stains like oil stain, wine stain and other stain that appear on the rugs thus change the overall appearance of your rug and homes.

Some of these bacteria and others that embed in your rugs may create an odor that can affect someone with asthma and allergies. When you hire a professional rug cleaning service, they will remove any potential harmful agent such as bacteria, dust, allergens and others that can cause allergic reaction to the family concerned.

How to choose the right rug cleaning service in Singapore?

When you are searching for the right rug cleaning service, it important to always seek for those with good reputation. One can easily search through the internet on reviews about potential service you have in mind to hire; you can do this by checking the feedbacks from their clients on the company website. Likewise, you can get valuable information about the reputation of companies on some sites dedicated on rating and review particular companies.

When choosing a rug cleaning service, it is important to seek for their training and certification. A service agency that has employee who are trained are likely to offer quality service than those with no trainings. Companies with trained employee are proof to clean the rug correctly because they have learned different cleaning techniques, aware of different materials they are made of and other necessary things to put place to clean the rug in the possible best way.

When it comes to rug cleaning, experience is required to get the work done. A rug cleaning service with many years in the business is proof to be experts and will have gained many experiences on rug cleaning through providing services for different clients. Therefore, hiring a rug cleaning service with experience will guarantee quality service and customer satisfaction.

Another important thing to consider when choosing a rug cleaning service is the cleaning operation the company use. How their cleaning operation works, how long does it take to dry the rug, like what type of products and equipment they use during their operation. Whether their products are save for kids, pets, people with allergies flare-up, and environmentally friendly? Negative response on any of this information is a red flag that the company is not the right one for you.

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Since rug cleaning is important to make your home look nice and to keep it clean and save from germs and others so you won’t compromise the health of your love ones. You don’t have to search further for the right company to choose for your rug cleaning anymore because RugCleaningSingapore.com have every quality listed above that a professional rug cleaning service must have to provide the best service for their clients. RugCleaningSingapore.com provides cleaning service and specializes in carpet cleaning, rude dry cleaning and rug onsite cleaning.

What our clients saying?

  • I would like to specially thanks ms yong for the professional rug dry cleaning task. She did a really amazing job. My rug look like new and this make me feel so good!
    Alex Loong
  • I am a repeat happy customers. The cleaning material they use are really good, eco-green and do not harm the color of my rug. Covid-19 make people aware of we should clean our rug to keep them gem free. Thanks for the good work!
    Fanny Lee

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